Welcome to the Laughter Pod.

Welcome to Laughterpod , a place where comedy isn’t treated seriously.

Our aim is to make you giggle. We have developed this site so that we and any other like minded comedy souls can show and share our outpourings.

So send us your Video, audio, funny stories, scripts, (in fact anything funny at all really) and we’ll take put it on line (provided it’s not too offensive!)

e mail   giggle@laughterpod.com

Remember, everything put on here is for public consumption. If it’s your secret and if you want to keep it that way, then DON’T send it to us. IT’S THE INTERNET!

If it gets copied or performed by strangers, or if you see it on the telly in a few months and you think you’re owed some money then DON’T call us!

Soon there will be a comedy forum, an events diary and all sorts of other stuff to enjoy. Until then, enjoy what’s here already, send us some feedback and (even better) send us some stuff of your own.

So, have a good look around, have a laugh and make sure you have some clean pants to hand.  My word yes.. 

 Andy and Rob,  (the idiots behind this site).